VPCC-25 is new, VP Conference Calls up to 25 people, reserved time of two hours.   Sorenson sets up for Riverside Deaf Seniors who live in Riverside County may call VPCC-25.  It is based on first call, limit to 25 people. 


Please stay home and use ‘”VP” to join video conference starting every Monday, 1pm-3pm. 


Please call that number (801-321-5005) at 1pm every Monday pm to join the group chat.  (Reserved time between 1pm and 3pm) for Riverside Deaf Seniors.   Better to log in right after 1pm.  If you can log in 2pm and miss some news from 1pm to 2pm.  

It won’t open before 1pm or after 3pm.

One of participants may become volunteer to be a moderator running the conference.


If you miss to participate video conference, video conference will be appeared every Monday

Please don't give this number (801-321-5005) outside of Riverside area.
Also, don't share Pin number to enter the Conference Call.  Those people who are faithful to RDS and attended JGC in the past, they can use pin.  If you don't have one,
email to Paul Stefurak to get pin number as long as you live Riverside area.



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