Profile of Bernie Brown

Bernie Brown of The Villages, FL grew up and spent most of his life in New England. After graduating from Gallaudet in 1970, Bernie continued to be active in local, regional, and national organizations holding various positions from Treasurer to President over a span of 45 years. He held positions as accountant, project manager and supervisor at IRS & USPS. He founded a construction business and ran it for over 25 years in Connecticut before moving to Washington, DC to teach at Gallaudet University. He and his wife, Valeta bought their first home in The Villages almost 20 years ago.

The Villages Rebuttal

There is an article that explains about The Villages.
I think it will be great if everyone reads before
I give a presentation this May 24.

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Susan Tousignant, Coordinator use Video to explains clearly.
This is about our 10th Anniversary Luncheon on May 24th. 



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